Educate a boy, and you educate an individual. Educate a girl, and you educate a community.
Investing leadership core values in young people via Mentorship & Community Services
Raising Future Leaders
THROUGH PUBLIC RESEARCH, ADVOCACY, SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP & MENTORSHIP BEACONS — We envision a new generation empowered with Human capital: with the character, capacity and competence to bring about positive change by full use of their potential to contribute meaningfully to their community and the world.
community Citizen Participation
The Boot Camp The BOOTCAMP is an assembly of inspiring young/emerging leaders who (via mentorship, social entrepreneurship and other means)MORE
Karmaji Support Project After series of visits and interactions with the community of disabled persons in this settlement, Beacons has been MORE
Citizen Govenance Media Advocacy Project
Taking part in your community development. View the report MORE 
Mentors The Mentors provide counseling and constructive criticism to young people through direct access; them MORE
JASI is a mobile app that allows you to monitor community-based projects specified by your state and Federal Government. Find out MORE

Education Working with communities and other NGOs to advance best standards in education. MORE

Health Our Health projects and involvement with communities in Nigeria MORE

Governance Join the #OPENNASS advocacy by advocating for accountability in the expenditure of the National Assembly MORE

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